Kermi Thermal comfort

East Central Europe

Stephanie Gottfried
Area Sales Coordinator Heating
Phone: +49 9931 501-3951
Fax: +49 9931 501-501-93012
Mail to:

North, West Europe

Corina Sigl
Area Sales Coordinator Heating
Phone: +49 9931 501-1778
Fax: +49 9931 501-94248
Mail to:

Asia & Middle East & other countries

Nadja Schulz
Sales Manager Export Heating
Phone: +49 9931 501-3911
Fax: +49 9931 501-755
Mail to:

Kermi Shower design

North, West Europe & other countries

Michaela Findelsberger
Area Sales Manager Benelux; Northern Countries
Phone: +49 9931 501-1305
Fax: +49 9931 501-941305
Mail to:

Southern Europe

Martin Müller

Area Sales Manager Southern Europe
Phone: +49 9931 501-1302
Fax: +49 9931 501-94727
Mail to:

Poland & Czech Republic & Slovakia

Phone: +49 9931 501-1304
Fax: +49 9931 501-94727
Mail to:

Kermi GmbH

Pankofen-Bahnhof 1
94447 Plattling

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